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Who we are

Erik Haller, founder of Intronic, has accumulated over 20 years of experience in developing tailored programming solutions to automation and business challenges, managing complex projects, and cultivating deep understanding of diverse workflows to serve clients in a variety of industries.

In partnership with Switzerland-based Bühler-Mechatronik, he spent over 10 years working collaboratively to design and build custom systems for the technology, process & analytics, medical, and research & development fields.

Intronic’s working relationships are grounded in skill and experience, and complemented by open communication, teamwork, and transparency. We are goal-oriented and maximize return on investment within agreed-upon timelines.
Intronic was established in Canada in 2020.


Process Automation

Process control and automated inspection

Streamline operations with state-of-the-art robotics and machine vision.

We will partner with you to introduce new or upgrade existing automation that is critical for your production line and product. Together we can:

  • Improve quality
  • Deliver a safer work environment
  • Increase output
  • Reduce waste

{ PLC, Machine Vision, Robotics }

Software Application

Software Application

Evolve your business’s productivity.

Integrate an Industry 4.0 solution to create a more flexible and agile manufacturing process or generate meaningful data about your processes so you can make informed decisions.

Intronic has everything it takes to design and integrate the software solutions you need.

{ Desktop- and Client/Server Applications, Software and Database Design, Cloud Solutions }

Process engineering and optimization

Each project begins with a comprehensive analysis to build a deep understanding of clients’ business needs.

Once areas for improvement have been targeted, the Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles guide our approach to streamlining business and manufacturing processes for industrial automation, software applications, and process engineering.

We know how to:

  • Standardize your products and procedures
  • Reduce variations and eliminate defects
  • Optimize productivity with 5S
  • Eliminate waste
  • Design a process flow with a pull system

Project management and consulting

Outsource your integration project to an independent partner.

Intronic is your choice when you need advice on purchasing new equipment and integrating and maintaining it.

We will guide you from A to Z to:

  • Analyze the current situation for inefficiencies
  • Define requirements and project outlines
  • Select and compare existing solutions/systems
  • Complete risk assessments and meet standards (CE, CSA, etc.)
  • Review purchase contracts (i.e. payment terms, integration, warranty, etc.)
  • Assist system integration, testing, and project approval
  • Verify documentation

Maintenance and revision

Intronic will help you advance the security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of your manufacturing plant.

Regularly maintained equipment supports a more stable and reliable production line.

Scheduled interruption for servicing leads to consistent product quality, lower operational cost, and ultimately increases operational time.

Let us:

  • Create maintenance plans and spare part lists
  • Complete service and user manuals
  • Develop system backup and recovery scenarios
  • Train operators
  • Seamlessly integrate new technology into your existing maintenance lifecycle


Semi-automatic sensor calibration
Beckhoff CX2000 embedded PC
image copyright © Beckhoff Automation GmbH, all rights reserved.

Trumpf TruMark Laser


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